Naloxone is a medication that can temporarily reverse an opioid poisoning. Naloxone is safe for all ages and easy to use. It is available in nasal spray and injectable forms. Both are effective at reversing the effects of opioid poisoning.

Opioids belong to a drug class called analgesics, often used to treat pain. Opioid use affects everyone differently. Many people use opioids without experiencing health and social harms. Opioids can be regulated or unregulated. Opioids can also be found in non-opioid street substances, including stimulants like cocaine. Some examples of opioids include:

       * Fentanyl
       * Morphine
       * Heroin
       * Methadone
       * Oxycodone
An overdose can happen to anyone. At Forest Valley Pharmacy, We offer free Naloxone kits (nasal and injection) plus free training on how to use them. CALL US TODAY!
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